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Built Strata Inspections and Certification

Strata Titling is defined on the Strata Community Australia (WA) website as “a defined portion of a building, group of buildings or land for which a separate Certificate of Title is issued”. In Western Australia, strata titled properties must comply and adhere to the “Strata Titles Act 1985” and are required to be registered with Landgate.  Strata Titled property will result in individual ownership of specifically nominated parts of property or building that are given individual ‘Lot’ numbers and are noted on the property title.  Strata Titled properties will also generally include a portion of the property that has ‘Shared Ownership’ with all other parties of Strata Titled property, through a Strata Company, which is commonly referred to as “Common Property”. (Common Property generally includes; driveways, gardens, lobbies/foyers, paths/walkways etc)

As part of the Application process for achieving Built-Strata approval a Building Surveyor must be engaged to undertake a number of inspections and provide certification that the building has been built in compliance with the approved plans and that the building complies with the Strata Plan prepared by the licensed Land Surveyor.  Scribe Building Compliance are able to undertake the required inspections and provide the formal certification required to be presented to Landgate and the Local Authority for the approval of the Built Strata Development.

Generally a local Authority will require the following documentation to be supplied for a Built Strata Application:

  • Strata/Survey – Strata Plans
  • Annexes Sheet (where necessary)
  • Certificate of Licensed Surveyor
  • BA11 Application for Occupancy Permit – Strata; for all Class 2-9 commercial Buildings; or
  • BA15 Application for Building Approval Certificate – Strata for all Class 1 & 10 residential and incidental Buildings.
  • Applications will also need to include a Certificate of Building Compliance (BA18) issued in accordance with the Building Act 2011 s.57 and the Building Regulations 2012 r.36 for both new and existing buildings.
  • Form 26 Certificate of Grant of Approval by WAPC to the Strata Plan
  • Note: Form 26 WAPC approval is required only when:
  • The Strata Scheme is a residential development of more than five (5) dwelling units situated on a parcel of no more than 2500m2; and for
  • All commercial/industrial (class 2 – 9) developments; or
  • A vacant strata lot is to be created as part of the proposal.

We strongly recommend engaging a Building Surveyor to assist with the process and liaison with the Local Authority when undertaking Built Strata applications to ensure that there are no issues with Unauthorised Works being present on the property or discovering that an occupancy approval has not been issued by the Local Authority.  These situations can result in costly delays and frustration for the property owners.