Energy Assessments & Inspections News March 2017

One of the primary mechanisms for achieving or improving the energy efficiency of your home or building is in the integration and use of insulation into the building fabric.  Insulating materials come in a range of materials, formats and applications that not only address the type of ‘R’ rating required or construction that the insulation will be incorporated into but also the area where the project is located and the budget.

With the insulation generally being incorporated and often concealed within walls or in ceiling spaces it is not always possible to see or know that the insulation has been installed properly or for the extent nominated within the energy efficiency report.  If the insulation has not been installed correctly or omitted from parts of your home or building this can have significant implications on the efficiency of your home and ultimately the costs associated with heating or cooling.

Scribe Energy realise the impact this can have on the energy efficiency of your home and are able to offer thermal imaging audits of your home or building to identify improperly installed or omitted insulation using a state of the art thermal imaging camera to see through walls and ceilings to identify where ‘gaps’ exist in the insulation and sealing of your home resulting in increased running costs.

Thermal imaging is also able to identify electrical faults or installation issue, through the detection of ‘hot spots’ where a light fitting may be faulty or insulation may be installed over lighting transformers resulting in them overheating or failing.  Previously client would need to wait for a transformer or light fitting to fail in order to identify there is an issue however, with thermal imaging these issues can be identified – detected from the ground and through walls or ceilings – and for new buildings can be undertaken prior to hand-over whereby the builder/electrician/plumber can rectify the problem before you move in (meaning you are not inconvenienced or needing to live with ongoing issues).  Additionally water leaks can also be detected through the detection of ‘cool spots’ on walls, floors or ceilings.

Scribe Energy have been able to identify and isolate numerous issues on projects through the use of thermal imaging to facilitate their immediate rectification resulting in significant savings in time, inconvenience and overall operating costs.

We believe that every new home should have a Thermal Imaging Audit undertaken prior to practical completion to provide piece of mind and the knowledge that the energy efficiency measures you’ve incorporated within your home will work as efficiently as possible.


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