Meet the Team

Kym Hawkins

Kym Hawkins


Kym founded Scribe Design Group in 2001 having identified a growing need for the provision of high quality building design and architectural drafting services within the residential and small commercial markets. Having lived in Broome, and displaying a knack for capturing the essence and lifestyle benefits living in the North-West offers, Kym’s focus quickly turned toward providing the communities within the North-West with a personalised service delivering high quality, rigorously designed residences that encapsulate and address the numerous complexities these environments offer. Kym’s personal commitment to listen to her clients and always do her best, regardless of the size of the project, ensures every client can be assured that they will be presented with the optimum solution to any request.


Steven Markham


Joining Scribe Design Group in 2004, Steven brings his extensive commercial and construction knowledge to the team enabling us to offer total project services. His design philosophy has been developed around a collaborative and participative approach whereby the client is an important part of the design process. This ensures that client requirements and desires for their project are listened to and gives focus to the project.
Steven’s ability to combine and address the numerous factors that impose themselves on commercial projects enables us to provide the optimum result for each client.

Scribe Design Group LeeFung

Yee Fung Moy

绮芳 (Moy Yee Fung)

Graduate Architect

Yee Fung is a graduate with a Bachelor of Architecture from Curtin University.  Her attention to detail and meticulous analysis of a projects requirements combined with her understanding of the Building Code of Australia and understanding local authority Town Planning Schemes and planning policies means that the process of building design through to Development Approval and construction is streamlined resulting in faster approvals and less delays.


Lac Loi

Senior Architectural Technician

Lac is a senior architectural technician with over 20 years experience in manual and CAD based documentation. During this time Lac has developed extensive experience and understanding of a range of building types and construction methodologies. His attention to detail and understanding of the importance of efficient design, thorough coordination and full documentation will prove beneficial to any project.


Peter Romano

Senior Draftsperson

Peter is our senior draftsperson and has over 25 years of drawing and document management experience. His keen eye for detail and quality means no documents are issued without being rigorously checked. Our experience in the North-West means Scribe Design Group are committed to ensuring all drawings are checked (a minimum of two times) and coordinated to eliminate any errors or omissions and ensure projects run as smoothly as possible once they get to site.

Scribe Design Group Corina

Corina Alexandru

Graduate Architect

Corina is a graduate with a Bachelor of Architecture from Bucharest University. Her passion for architecture and desire to achieve the best result for her clients has seen Corina become an important member of the Scribe Team. Corina has developed a strong understanding of retail and commercial architecture and has taken on the role of heading our Interiors & Fitouts portfolio. Corina's experience and skills in 3D modelling means designs are able to be developed and presented to clients, and approving authorities, that capture the essence and full understanding of the project or scheme. Additionally, Corina currently works in a support role to our Building Surveyor providing valuable support and coordination for our clients.

ADS photo

Alan Doak-Smith


Energy Efficiency Assessor

Alan is a registered Architect and Energy Assessor with over 30 years experience in the building industry and specialising exclusively in the Energy Efficiency field since 2002, being one of the first trained, professional Assessors in WA.

Alan’s design years always had a passive solar bias and with the move into the Energy Efficiency field, he has been in a unique position to be able to put invaluable knowledge and experience towards assisting clients achieve the best possible outcomes for their budgets.