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    Scribe Energy Assessments and Inspections are able to provide a range of services to suit your individual or project needs, including but not limited to;

    • Design and documentation of ‘energy conscious’ residential and commercial projects
    • Assistance with the selection of properties (orientation, shading, prevailing winds etc)
    • Undertake Residential Energy Ratings (Accurate, NABERS, Deemed-to-comply)
    • NCC/BCA Compliance
    • Alternative Solutions and Reference Building Assessments
    • Energy and Water Auditing
    • Thermal Imaging identifying heating/cooling loss, damaged/missing insulation etc
    • Cool room inspections
    • Retrospective treatments and materials to improve energy efficiency

    Scribe Energy Assessments and Inspections are specialists in achieving compliance with difficult designs and problematic climate zones. Our comprehensive industry experience and extensive knowledge of the various compliance methods enable Scribe Energy Assessments & Inspections to provide efficient and cost effective solutions should a design not initially meet requirements.

    Being able to provide an integrated and combined design solution has driven Scribe Group and their experienced and highly motivated team to work with their clients to provide a seamless and integrated service.  At Scribe Energy Assessments and Inspections we understand that the core principals of energy efficiency need to be incorporated as early as possible, and where possible, even before a line has been drawn to optimize orientation and passive solar design principles.  We are able to work with our architects, drafts-people and building surveyors to provide a complete design solution to your residential or commercial needs thereby facilitating the best outcome over the life of your project.


    We believe in establishing and maintaining strong and reliable communication methods with our clients and the whole project team.  Whether we have been engaged to provide a single service or complete project services we understand that it is our clients’ project and we are working to achieve the best outcome for them.  

    Integrated Services

    Scribe Energy Assessment and Inspections are often engaged to undertake assessment on designs that have already been completed by a clients preferred designer/architect only to find that significant changes to the design or specification needs to be made in order to comply with energy efficiency requirements.

    We strongly recommend that the engagement of your preferred Energy Efficiency assessor be undertaken early in the design process so that your home/building’s performance can be established earlier in the design process and efficiency requirements can be incorporated and allowed for in the documentation process.  This prevents delays in obtaining a Certificate of Design Compliance from your Building Certifier and additional costs associated with having your designer/architect modify the drawings to meet the energy efficiency requirements.

    From our experience key areas that should be addressed in the design phase of a project relates to the window size and specification as well as wall material/construction and required insulation to achieve energy efficiency compliance.  We recommend a preliminary assessment be undertaken on the design to facilitate the incorporation of any changes and to initiate a process of discussion with your selected designer/architect to streamline the documentation process and enable everyone to progress through to Building Permit with certainty.

    It can be extremely frustrating when a design that a client loves must be modified to achieve energy efficiency or BCA compliance requirements.

    Scribe Energy Assessments and Inspections are also able to offer clients an integrated design and approval service.  We are part of Scribe Group within which we have architects, draftspeople, energy assessors, and building surveyors to offer a complete and integrate design and approval process.  Scribe Group are focused on providing an efficient and streamlined service that revolves around a single point of contact between yourself and our team and the seamless coordination and integration of all design, energy and BCA compliance issues.  Services can be tailored to suit your specific project requirements and budget.

    I need an Energy Efficiency Assessment

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