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    Building Inspections and Energy Audits

    At Scribe Energy Assessment and Inspections we are very excited to be able to offer our clients Thermal Imaging in order to instantaneously see the efficiency and effectiveness of their building in relation to the thermal efficiency of their home or commercial property.

    One of the biggest issues we have identified with energy efficiency in buildings is that in the majority of cases the insulation or insulating materials used within the building fabric are concealed within walls, ceilings, floors and roofs which often require destructive means or material to be removed in order to see if the insulation has been installed correctly or damaged during construction.  Scribe Energy Assessment and Inspections have ‘industry leading’ thermal imaging equipment that provides instant visual feedback for the effectiveness and completeness of the insulation on your project.  This process is completely non-invasive and non-damaging and can peer through walls, floors and ceilings to reveal the true efficiency of your project.   We are then able to identify specific areas where there may be issues and work through effective solutions.

    Additionally, thermal imaging can be used to identify electrical issues whereby faulty fixtures/lighting/transformers show increased operating temperatures as well as plumbing issues with leaks showing up as distinctive cool spots.

    Being able to undertake non-invasive and non-destructive verification processes can provide owners with piece of mind that the measures and requirements you have for your project have been implemented correctly and will work together to lower your operating and life-cycle costs.