Messmate Way


Located on one of the main street into the town of Kununurra from the Victoria Highway, this 2276m² site was ideally located for the proposed grouped dwelling development. Given its prominence within the town the proposal for 12 (twelve) two storey, group dwellings demanded a design that addressed the immediate need for variation in housing types available and an aesthetic that didn’t adversely affect people’s perception of the town as they drove down the main street.

With the sites proximity to the town centre and the excellent pedestrian network within the town the design placed on emphasis on giving the development a human scale and therefore pushed the access and parking to the middle of the site giving the front 6 units a direct link to the pedestrian networks from their outdoor entertaining areas.

Each unit was based on a 3 bedroom and 2 bathroom paradigm with the addition of an extra living area to provide additional space and refuge from the extreme temperatures experienced in the wet season.


2010 MBA Award for Multi-Residential Developments $2.5-$6.5m


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