Harbourne Street

When presented with this uniquely shaped 536m² site in Glendalough it was difficult at first to see how a 3 unit development could be placed within the restrictive and very tight site. After careful analysis and discussions with the local Authority we developed a design that we believed maximised the site without sacrificing the liveability or desirability of the units. Each of the 2 bedroom units have been designed with the lifestyle of the occupants in mind and to ensure that the flow and feel of each unit is not restrictive. Given the tightness of the site and proximity of the main road we were extremely mindful of ensuring that the rooms were spacious and had good access to natural light and outdoor areas. This has resulted in all main living areas and bedroom being provided with a balcony or outdoor living area where possible. We, and the client, are extremely pleased with the result and the quality of the finished product.