Design News March 2017

In February of 2016 Scribe Design Group were approached by a client with a majestic corner site in Dalkeith looking for a design team to undertake the sketch design and documentation for their new luxury residence with the view to being able to begin construction on site in late September that year.

Having worked on several luxury residences our initial reaction was that this timeframe would be impossible to accommodate on a project of this calibre based on the requirement to undertake the develop the design, obtain development approval through the City of Nedlands, prepare working drawings and obtain a Building Permit.

Following several meetings with the client and his wife, we noted that the clients had a very clear vision for their home and were able to convey their intent, style and commitment to the process would facilitate the meeting of the nominated timeframe.

In March 2016 Scribe Design Group were engaged and the process of design was initiated.  The clients’ vision for their home was heavily grounded in symmetry and a desire that the residence provide large, light, open living spaces that allowed the breezes and greened vistas of the amazing pine trees and adjacent park area to flow freely through the home.

The design developed quickly however was complicated slightly by a desire to relocate an existing street tree to facilitate access to basement parking.  Working closely with the City of Nedlands, and mindful of the timing for the project, we were able to undertake the discussions and applications for the relocation of the tree in parallel with the Development Application and Building Permit.

In July 2016 we were notified that Development Approval for the residence had been Granted and the process of completing the documentation ready for Building Permit began in earnest.

During the documentation process we continued to work with the City of Nedlands to address the requirements for the relocation of the street tree as well as working with neighbours to obtain approval for the location and provision of a new boundary wall and endorsement for the basement piling design.

With the deadline of September looming and the need to complete the documentation and submit for Building Permit by early September at the latest, Scribe Energy Assessments and Inspections and Scribe Building Compliance continued from their preliminary reviews to prepare and finalise their reports and assessments.

With the Granting of the Building Permit at the end of September demolition of the existing residence commenced on the 5th October.

By providing coordinated and integrated services for our clients Scribe Group were able to undertake and complete the documentation and approval process from sketch design to Building Permit of a luxury residence in Dalkeith all with a 7 month timeframe.

For additional infomration and images of the project please click here.