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Unauthorised Building Works (Certificate of Building Compliance)

There are a large number of circumstances that can result in all or part of a completed building not complying with the requirements of the Local Authority (Shire/Town/City) or a part(s) of the National Construction Code Building Code of Australia.

The resolution and certification of Unauthorized Building Works can be a complex procedure and the time and cost associated with the approval of the works will depend heavily on the circumstances, documentation, timeframe, access and workmanship associated with the unauthorized works.

Scribe Building Compliance has undertaken a number of Certificate of Building Compliance (CBC) projects and understands the need for a coordinated and organized approach through the process.

Depending on the extent and complexity of the Unauthorized Works it may be necessary to engage a Structural Engineer and Architect/Draftsperson to assist in preparation or verification of documentation suitable to be certified and compliant under the requirements of the NCC/BCA and Local Authority Building Service Department and/or Planning Department.

Scribe Building Compliance will work closely with you, your builder (if there is one involved), the Local Authority, Engineers and architect to tailor a service specific to your projects requirements and to achieve the necessary solution to provide the necessary documentation and certifications to satisfy the local Authority’s requirements.

It must be noted that in some situations the removal of some building elements, partial demolition or destructive testing may be required to establish the necessary information to confirm compliance.  Wherever possible we try to avoid this level of investigation however there may be no other method available to provide the level of certainty required for compliance.  Any and all testing or processes that may involve this level of investigation will be communicated fully to you and the extent of investigation clearly outlined with specific outcomes noted.