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Private Certification

Certificate of Design Compliance (CDC) – Building Commission Form BA3

Form: Download Form BA3

The Certificate of Design Compliance (CDC) is a document completed by your chosen Registered Building Surveying Contractor that acknowledges and certifies that all drawings, specifications, technical documents/data and other relevant information required for a CDC complies with the applicable building standards nominated within the NCC/BCA.

The CDC document identifies, and will include, stamped certified copies of, all plans/drawings, specifications, technical documents/data along with the completed BA3 form.

In addition to the Certificate of Design Compliance, your local Permit Authority will also require the following information to be provided (if applicable) by your selected builder.

Class 1 and 10 buildings

  • A copy of the Home Indemnity Insurance (for works over $20,000), or
  • A copy of the Owner Builder Approval
  • Water Services Notification
  • A Completed BA20 – for Works Affecting Other Land
  • Septic System Approval – Apparatus for the Treatment of Sewerage
  • Heritage Council of WA approval

Class 2 to 9 buildings

  • A copy of the Owner Builder Approval
  • Water Services Notification
  • Health Department Clearance/Approval – for Aquatic Facilities
  • Septic System Approval – Apparatus for the Treatment of Sewerage
  • Heritage Council of WA approval

The completed CDC including all nominated and certified drawings, specifications, technical documents/data and supporting additional approvals/clearances are then submitted to your local Permit Authority (City/Town/Shire) whom then have 10 working days to approve the Building Permit.

Certificate of Construction Compliance (CCC) – Building Commission Form B17

Form: Download Form B17

A Certificate of Construction Compliance (CCC) only relates to new class 2 to 9 buildings/works and is issued upon completion of the works to provide confirmation to the Permit Authority (City/Town/Shire) that the works have been constructed in accordance with the certified and approved CDC documents.

A CCC is required to make an Application for Occupancy Permit (Form BA9) from the local Permit Authority (City/Town/Shire).

Form: Download form BA9

A CCC will require your Registered Building Surveying Contractor to undertake, at least one, inspections of the works and may require several inspections at key stages throughout the construction process in order for them to certify the works. The number of inspections will generally relate to the complexity of the works and key items associated with fire and life safety.

Certificate of Building Compliance (CBC) – Building Commission Form BA18

Form: Download form BA18

The Certificate of Building Compliance (CBC) generally relates to existing structures/buildings and is used to certify the following works:

  • Temporary modification of the Occupancy Permit (Section 48)
  • Change of Building Use/Classification (Section 49)
  • Built Strata (Section 50)
  • Unauthorised Works (Section 51)
  • Existing authorized Buildings (Section 52)

A CBC is most commonly utilized to certify unauthorized works or obtain a Built Strata.

Comprehensive Check sheets and Guidance notes are provided to clients upon engagement of Scribe Building Compliance to provide assistance to our clients, and their representatives, through each of certificate processes.